Top 5 Winter Skincare Products

As you can see from the title this post is all about my Top 5 Winter Skincare Products.  Winter Skincare is super important and with the winter months here it’s very important to make sure you treat your skin well. Now I am no expert in products and believe each person’s skin is very different so what works for me may not work for you. But I do have sensitive skin and it’s important for me to highlight some products that I use consistently and have helped to keep my skin soft and hydrated especially during the winter months. To be honest I use these same products year round but in the winter it’s especially important to stay moisturized as your skin tends to be dry.


1. Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion—This product is made especially for dry skin. It contains Vitamins C, E, and B5 which are great for moisturizing dry skin and helping your skin maintain its elasticity. A lotion that has Vitamin E is imperative to your winter skincare routine.

2. Vaseline– This winter skin care product is also made for dry skin. Vaseline helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to seal in moisture. I like to use this product not only on my skin but also to moisturize my lips and the heels of my feet

3. Palmers Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Crème—Now I know you might be thinking why this product. Girl!!!! Let me tell you something. I am a grown woman with a grown woman’s body with all the hips, curves, thighs, rolls and yes stretch marks. I have been using this stretch mark crème for years to help reduce some of my darker stretch marks on my hips and stomach. It is moisturizing so it’s great for winter skin care and it smells just amazing. It’s a smooth texture like a creamy lotion and absorbs nicely into your skin

4. Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash— This body wash is amazing. It is recommended #1 by Dermatologist. It makes your skin super soft and smooth. It’s creamy and smells fresh and clean. It doesn’t leave a film on your skin which is important, and it has added moisture for skin which is great in the winter time

5. Carmex Lip Balm– This lip balm is great to have among your winter skin care products. It helps to keep lips moisturized and prevents them from drying out which tends to happen during the cold months. It can also be used for cold sores and other abrasions that might appear around the lips. To prevent any cracks in your lips I highly recommend investing in a lip balm like this

All the products I mentioned can be found by clicking on the links in this post. I highly recommend investing in products that can help your skin stay looking young and fresh.


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