Making Time For Yourself with a Busy Lifestyle For At Home Teeth Whitening

Making Time For Yourself with a Busy Lifestyle For At Home Teeth Whitening

Making Time for Yourself with a Busy Lifestyle For At Home Teeth Whitening


Making Time For Yourself with a Busy Lifestyle For At Home Teeth Whitening. It can be difficult to find time for yourself as a busy professional. Smile Brilliant at home teeth whitening has helped boost my confidence and if you read along you will find out why.

Many of you who have followed along on my journey know that I work full-time as a Social Worker. Part of my day-to-day job is to meet with patients in the hospital which requires a lot of face to face interviews. Because of that, I am always talking constantly whether in meetings or with patients and my teeth are on full display.

I usually hit the ground running early to get to work and have little time during the day to make time for my own personal health due to my full-time work schedule. In addition to working full-time, I run this blog and have to make time for my hubby.

When I’m talking with people whether at work or with friends and family I am always a little insecure that my smile looks crooked or even worse my teeth are yellow. Since I talk a lot during the day I always make sure that not only are my clothes nice and presentable but also my smile. I know personally I always check out other people’s teeth and there is nothing worse in my opinion than a cute outfit, nice makeup, and yellow teeth.

As a busy professional my mornings are hectic and fast moving and I find myself rushing out the door to beat traffic so I can get to work on time. I drink a good amount of tea or coffee which stains teeth. Since I’m always talking and smiling my teeth are super important to me. I want to feel comfortable when I have on bright lipstick or even clothing without feeling like my teeth look yellow or stained. I like to smile I think its courteous and can brighten someone’s day to smile at them but when your teeth are yellow you can easily be a little self-conscious and that’s how I have felt lately.

In 2014 before I got married I decided I would try the crest white strips and gels to whiten my teeth. They were ok but the whitening effects were temporary and I found myself spending too much money on the products.

When Smile Brilliant reached out to me and asked me to try their product it came right on time as I was just talking with my husband about how much I wanted to get my teeth whitened but had no time or money to invest in going to the dentist for the process.

Smile Brilliant’s process for teeth whitening is super easy and the service is top-notch. I received the product within a week after sending in the impressions. Not only did I get to whiten my teeth from the comfort of my home but I also don’t have to meet with any dentists or take time off work which is a plus for me. The fact that they make the process this easy and affordable being as it’s under $200 girl you need this in your life.

Here’s How it works:

1. You fill out a simple questionnaire about your dental history
2. Smile Brilliant sends you a package that contains the dental mold trays, teeth whitening gel and desensitizing gel.
3. You make the teeth molds and send them back to Smile Brilliant in the provided envelope.
4. Once they receive the molds they make your custom teeth whitening trays.
5. They send you the trays
6. Follow the simple instructions on whitening process


Before Using Smile Brilliant

                                                             After Using Smile Brilliant

I have used the trays for about two weeks now before bed and can already see a difference in my teeth. I started off very slowly only using it for about 30 minutes a night but I have started to work my way up to more time because the longer you leave it on the better the results. I had a little teeth sensitivity but Smile Brilliant provides sensitivity gel to help. This has been an easy and quick way to fit the teeth whitening into my night-time routine. I will continue to use the trays to see how white my teeth can get as I am already pleased with the results.

Now that you have all the details I’m happy to announce that Smile Brilliant is hosting a giveaway so one of you can receive your own teeth whitening kit free a $149 value credit.  The contest is open for 1 week so make sure you enter ASAP and tell all your friends. If you cant wait for the contest to be over you can use coupon code shametriashanee15 for 15% off any order.

The giveaway is open to all USA,UK,Australia and Canadian residents.

To enter the giveaway click the link Smile Brilliant Giveaway.


As always if you have any questions please feel free to email me at



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